4 Dec 2018


HIAP Open Studios: Alevtina Kakhidze, Anna Tereshkina, Ruth Waller, Elizabeth Willing.

Wednesday, 29 July, 5–7 pm.

HIAP Open Studios provides the resident artists with an opportunity to present their work to local colleagues and audience in an informal and relaxed setting. In July, HIAP Open Studios features artists Alevtina Kakhidze, Anna Tereshkina, Ruth Waller and Elizabeth Willing.

Using various artistic methods they have gathered diverse modes of knowledge during their residencies. Some of the artists have stayed on the island for couple of months while others a few weeks. Each of the artists have been using their existing knowledge and utilised it in numerous ways when encountering their new surroundings. They have carried their memories and knowledge to the island. These memories are present, as are the surroundings of the untamed nature on the island.

The visitors can move around and explore the artists’ studios freely. Starting 5.30 pm the artists will hold brief presentations about their works in the following order:

5:30: Alevtina Kakhidze (Studio F16)

5:45: Anna Tereshkina (Studio F15)

6:00: Ruth Waller (Studio E14)

6:15: Elizabeth Willing (Studio L25)

Snacks and refreshments will be served. Welcome!