28 Nov 2018


HIAP Open Studios / March 2017

The first HIAP Open Studios of 2017 takes place on Wednesday 22 March from 4:00-8:30pm at HIAP Suomenlinna Studios and Project Space. This is a great opportunity to get to know current HIAP residents and some of their work. The event is also the opening of the exhibition “(In)visible dreams and streams” at Gallery Augusta. All welcome!

Meeting point: Suomenlinna Studios, B 44 E13, 00190 Helsinki at 4:00pm!

4:00-6:00pm HIAP Open Studios at Suomenlinna Studios
6:00-8:00pm (In)visible dreams and streams at Gallery Augusta
7:00-7:30pm HIAP Open Studios at Project Space
7:30-8:30pm HIAP Open Studios at Suomenlinna Studios

Current HIAP Residents:
Josephine Baan, David Chisholm, Mathijs van Geest, Harrie Liveart, Heidi Kilpeläinen, Erol Mintaş, Nabb+Teeri, Riikka Pelo, Shieko Reto, Basak Senova.