13 Dec 2018


HIAP Open Studio: Paul Sloan, Hanna Ljungh & Mirimari Väyrynen.

HIAP Open Studio on Thursday, 15 May, 5–8 pm at HIAP Suomenlinna Studios

HIAP Open Studios provide the resident artists with an opportunity to present their work to local colleagues and audience in an informal and relaxed setting. In May, HIAP Open Studio features Paul Sloan, Hanna Ljungh and Mirimari Väyrynen.

Paul Sloan and Mirimari Väyrynen will present and discuss the work they have been doing while in residency at HIAP. Hanna Ljungh will talk about her work and new exhibition, Vivisections, currently on show at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte.

An interdisciplinary artist, Paul Sloan draws upon multiple landscapes – sonic, socio-political, historical, art historical – for inspiration to explore, through his practice, the recurring themes of revolution, rebellion and colonisation. Sloan works primarily with gouache on paper, oil on canvas, sculpture, sound and photography.

Hanna Ljungh’s work circles around dominant concepts of interpretation, questioning ideas about science and how the human gaze forms all that is not man made. Working with video, photography and sculpture, Ljungh works in a fashion where her images become a performance or evidence of a performance or ritual.

In her practice Mirimari Väyrynen demolishes and rebuilds landscape. She works mainly with painting, using it as a tool for thinking and research. Furthermore she understands painting as not only a two dimensional picture, but also closely related to space and different materials and objects.

Paul Sloan’s residency is a part of the Australian Artists Programme, realised in cooperation with Australia Council for the Arts. Hanna Ljungh is visiting Helsinki as a part of the Focus AiR Residency Programme, realised in cooperation with Photographic Gallery Hippolyte. Mirimari Väyrynen’s residency is a part of the Local Residency Programme, realised in cooperation with Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Ferries from the Market Square: 4:20, 4:40, 5, 5:20,…
Snacks and drinks will be served