12 Dec 2018


HIAP Open Studio: Jack Pavlik

Wednesday, 30 July, 5–7 pm, HIAP Suomenlinna Studios, Studio Johan Tobias

HIAP Open Studios provide the resident artists with an opportunity to present their work to local colleagues and audiences in an informal and relaxed setting. In July, HIAP Open Studio features American artist Jack Pavlik.

Jack Pavlik’s work is about movement and how it affects the relationships between forms. Whether it is a computer programmed mechanical object with a life of its own, or repurposed piece of institutional furniture used in a performance, his work is about the manipulation and results of movement.

During his residency Pavlik is examining the effect of institutional furniture and other behaviour modification systems in public and private spaces. He sees this phenomenon as something that is largely international; objects such as mass-produced furniture are ubiquitous in their design and how they are used cross-culturally.

In HIAP Open Studio he will show a short history of his work, highlighting the more recent pieces (including the work done in Finland).

Pavlik will also participate in TONIGHT, a performance art event that takes place on Friday, 25 July. He will organise a game described as a sort of “sculptural football” titled NoHandsNoFeetFoundObjectBall. You can read more about TONIGHT here.

Jack Pavlik is in Helsinki as a part of the HIAP Residency Programme.