4 Dec 2018


HIAP Morning Coffee – Radical Pedagogy?

30 September, HIAP Gallery Augusta/ Project Space, Suomenlinna

HIAP Morning Coffee at HIAP premises in Suomenlinna on Wednesday 30 September (10:00-12:00) will focus on theme ‘Radical Pedagogy’, with our special guest, curator Jaroslav Andel.

Finland has a reputation as a country with a great education system. This system has changed a lot and will continue to change. The question is what are the values and goals which will remain relevant in the future. Over the past decade the logic of business and corporate bureaucracy has started to take over the educational institutions. The cuts proposed by the current government are likely to have a drastic effect on the quality of Finnish education.

What kind of education system would serve us best in future? What are the most interesting and ‘radical’ ideas for better learning and education today? What is the role of institutions in a world where a vast amount of knowledge is freely available online? How can the education system adapt to a situation in which many traditional professions are disappearing, and people need diverse and complex combinations of different skills? And in general – what are the main goals of education today?

Jaroslav Andel has been a consultant to the Council of Europe on the Council of Europe Exhibitions and the conference “Smart Creativity, Smart Democracy”. He recently organized a series of exhibitions on various challenges to democracy (scales and modes of democratic practices, corruption and the abuse of power, narratives of social change). His current exhibition project on art and radical pedagogy will travel in Europe and the U.S. from 2016 to 2018.

Jaroslav visits Helsinki in the context of the new HIAP Osmosis programme which focuses on learning and education.

The morning coffee will take place in HIAP premises in Suomenlinna. We would recommend catching the 9:40 ferry from Market Square (or latest the 10:20 ferry).

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