12 Dec 2018


Helsinki Raum

Wednesday, 27 August, 6 pm, Gallery Augusta

Helsinki Raum by Thomas Thiede (Germany) and DJ House Protects the Dreamer (Finland) is a site-specific multimedia installation based on live electronic sound, drawing and video. For this pop-up exhibition the artists will create a site specific set up and a dramaturgy that begins with abstract sound collage and drawing based video, and then turns into a party.

Thomas Thiede and Hannu Karjalainen met while in a residency in Bristol, UK in 2005 and have previously collaborated on an exhibition in Hamburg at Galerie Genscher in 2010 and during the Collaboration_Symposium at Schaustelle by Pinakothek der Moderne Munich in 2013.

Thomas Thiede often likens his work – while drawing based – to that of a DJ: collecting, remixing, re-organising, and re-contextualising visual debris. Hannu Karjalainen, better known for his video installations, revives one of his musical alter egos, DJ House Protects the Dreamer, for this exhibition.

Thiede and Karjalainen began working with the idea of this collaboration already a year ago, but the artworks for this show were created during their ongoing concurrent residencies at HIAP.

The event is supported by Ikahu.