3 Dec 2018


Frontiers in Retreat: Collaboration with Ark of Seeds

Performance and Panel Discussion on Ownership of Natural Resources

Friday 27 May 2016, starting at 17:30

Ark of Seeds project takes stance in political discussion: TTIP is approaching decision and it is time to talk about it


On Friday 27 May 2016, Kattilahalli in Suvilahti, Helsinki will be the arena for The Ark of Seeds -performance and The Seeds of Future -discussion. Following the art performance, key speakers will discuss the ownership of seeds and the impact of TTIP treaty on natural resources.


Contributing to the debate: Martti Koskenniemi, Professor of International Law at University of Helsinki; Olivier Hoedeman, the Research and Campaign Coordinator at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO); MEP Heidi Hautala, Chair of the Euronest delegation, and Jaana Kivi freelance journalist (writer of the book “Brussels sold – lobbying paradise for merchants”, published by Into Kustannus, Helsinki 2016).


The discussion is co-moderated by Amcham’s Director, Global Investors’ Program Kimmo Collanderand by visual artist Egle Oddo. The Seeds of Future is a discussion open to public participation, it focuses on the burning issue if under TTIP treaty natural resources would be common property or owned by the companies. Agriculture and seeds have been central part of the life of humans for thousands of years. Are natural plant seeds among what we consider common good?


Ark of Seeds artwork is on display 20-30 May 2016 in Kattilahalli (Suvilahti) opening hours 11:00-19:00. It is part of the group exhibition “The Visitors ed. 3”, organized by Catalysti association of Transcultural Artists in Finland. The Seeds of Future discussion is presented in collaboration with Perpetuum Mobile and HIAP ry’s Frontiers in Retreat Project. A follow up of the discussion will be presented at World Village Festival at The Land Singing tent, 28-29 May 2016.

The Ark of Seeds is an artwork prevalently dealing with questions related to nutrition, health and fair distribution of natural resources. The priority of the cross-disciplinary experimentation since 2007 has been to shelter natural plant seeds inside a sculpture. Gradually the artwork has matured into a collective performance: aerial acrobats, actors and musicians transfer the plant seeds from the cavity of the sculpture into the hands of the public. The project synthesizes contemporary art, an unprejudiced and gentle scientific touch with groundbreaking research in law.

Ark of Seeds project is supported by Kone Foundation, Svenska kulturfonden, The City of Helsinki Cultural Office, The Finnish Music Foundation, and Arts Council of Uusimaa.

The Seeds of Future panel discussion is supported by Pixelache, Perpetuum Mobile, Ministry of Education and Culture and HIAP ry’s Frontiers in Retreat Project, which has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Performing artists

Iika Hartikainen, Juho Laitinen, Marika Krook, Outi Pulkkinen, Pinja Schönberg, Riikka Pentinsaari, Riina Tikkanen, Timo Tuhkanen.