3 Dec 2018


From the valley to the uplands, the highway and the home

pick nick’s Walking Episode in Helsinki takes place on Saturday, 20 August, 2016. Meeting point: corner of Mechelininkatu and Arkadiankatu at 4pm.

“The landscapes, urban and rural, gestate the stories, and the stories bring us back to the sites of this history… To use a walking metaphor, it trespasses through everybody else’s field — through anatomy, anthropology, architecture, gardening, geography, political and cultural history, literature, sexuality, religious studies — and doesn’t stop in any of them on its long route” –Rebecca Solnit

Intrigued by the ways film scenes are orchestrated as story endings, we want to ask how “ends” become “means” of new emerging narratives. The region of the Middle East, Western Asia, North Africa in their particular natural, social, and cultural history, and its encounter with other parts of the world has become an important aspect in our work especially through collaborative projects.

For our walking episode we explore conditions of encounters through physically and metaphorically transferring a selection of story endings, crossing seas and bridging experiences generated in places (different timescapes) and expanding to house the historical present in this city.

pick nick is an art group based in Cyprus and initiated in 2012 by artist and architect Alkis Hadjiandreou, artist Panayiotis Michael, and independent writer and editor, Maria Petrides. The group brings together various means and practices of research to set up artworks often in collaboration with fellow artists, writers, and curators. Remaking conditions, public and/or otherwise, our practice accentuates ideas played out by difference, social and spatial. In doing so, we draw from everyday routines, sites and infrastructures in an effort to look for paused potentials, silent details, real and/or imagined encounters.