18 Dec 2018


For We Need Space & Time

Recently graduated artists Cheri Allcock, Riikka Kuoppala, Suvi Nurmi and Lee Summers were chosen to work together in the Suomenlinna HIAP studios for the August 2011, and in collaboration they aimed to research the multifaceted relations between art-education and the role of art in society. The group defined their main goal as to collect an international database of answers (from institutions, tutors, artists, students and other relevant existing bodies) on how recent graduates and artists could go on to continue and further their practises. A short questionnaire was formulated and sent it to a list of contacts. Simultaneously a blog started to log the residency period and more importantly began to log all responses as soon as they arrived. With initial aims to keep the process as transparent as possible, the group made the decision to publish all the names of those contacted, whether or not the responses had yet been received.

The exhibition in Kaiku-galleria is presenting the the first steps of a project that will hopefully be running for a long after the residency period has ended, offering a growing resource of varied, practical advice and support for emerging artists everywhere.