13 Dec 2018


Festival of Positive Misunderstanding

Wednesday 28 May, 2014
6–11 pm

Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas
Abstract Your Shit Is


Danielle Collobert
October 1961

Alma Heikkilä
Not quite arebescato marble

Jaakko Karhunen
Music with

Karl Larsson
Blushing carpet

Post Brothers
Words by

Cia Rinne

Jani Ruscica
(After the Futurists)

Amalie Smith
Plain Clothed

Simon Thompson
The furniture
of elite perception

Samo Tomsic
Almost live

Ola Vasiljeva
Unique notification

Festival of Positive Misunderstanding is an event curated by Ruler in collaboration with Karl Larsson.

Ruler was founded in Helsinki in 2011. It emerges as a collaborative platform for programming, exhibiting and publishing. Ruler pursues different models for artistic production and reception, functioning as an office that develops projects without a permanent physical space. Instead, paying attention to the specificities of each project, it will seek for adequate locations.

Ruler is ruled by Diego Bruno and Mikko Kuorinki.

Karl Larsson (b. 1977) is an artist, poet and editor. These diverse positions have coalesced in an artistic practice that can be described as both editorial and literary, but that differs from writing in a conventional sense in its focus on spatial experience, embodiment and activism. As a poet Karl Larsson has published five books; Form/Force (OEI Editör, 2007), Nightsong (OEI Editör, 2009), Parrot (Paraguay Press, 2010), Poetical Assumption (Torpedo / JvE, 2012) and Concensus (the Room) (Paraguay Press, 2012). Karl Larsson is part of the editorial board of OEI, magazine on contemporary poetry and conceptual writing as well as Audiatur, a contemporary poetry biennale in Bergen, Norway.

The event is organised in the framework of Nordic & Baltic Collaboration Residency Programme and is organised in cooperation with HIAP and Nordic Culture Point. The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture is jointly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministers of culture in the Baltic countries.