13 Dec 2018


Expedition to the Total Eclipse

Curated by Ulla Taipale (Capsula).

Opening reception Friday 6 March 7pm and expedition presentation at 6pm in Kiasma Theatre. Welcome!

Capsula’s cross-disciplinary expeditions, straddling the borderline between art and science, study and marvel at natural phenomena through personal experience. The first expedition was made in summer 2008 to Siberia, where the total eclipse of the Sun could be observed. The base of the expedition was set up at the Novosibirsk Zoo, from which it continued on to the Altai wilderness and all the way to the Moon. Travelling slow, using methods of transport that only moderately burden the environment, is a key aspect of the expeditions.

Can natural phenomena and the spectacles of nature still fascinate people in a modern world, saturated by video games and action movies? And can these splendid and thrilling emotions experienced in nature shift the attitude of people to a more respectful and caring direction concerning their environment?

Organised by Capsula, Pixelache and HIAP.

Expedition to the Total Eclipse is part of HIAP´s Production Residencies -programme supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.