3 Dec 2018


eVOCAL – Jenna Sutela & Lars TCF Holdhus

6 – 29 November, SINNE

Opening on Thursday November 5th at 6-8pm, with a live performance by Lars TCF Holdhus. Welcome!

“To survive at any expense to the host invaded. To be an animal, to be a body. To be an animal body that the virus can invade. To be animals, to be bodies. To be more animal bodies, so that the virus can move from one body to another. To stay present as an animal body, to stay absent as antibody or resistance to the body invasion.”

The idea of language as a virus, altering our material and worldly conditions, is one of the starting points for eVOCAL. From Anglo-Ubiq to algorithms and humans to machines: to whom are we hosts, and what of our hospitality? Can language be used against itself?

The exhibition explores not only the ways in which the body shapes language but also different synthesized sources of sound and voice, such as robot throat structures, addressing the question of whether and how we will sound in the future.

“The hum of machines




The first quote is by William S. Burroughs, as featured in Tess Edmonson’s essay for eVOCAL and included in a volume by Johanna Lundberg and Vincent de Belleval as part of the show. The second one is from Jenna Sutela’s work.