12 Dec 2018


Drawings and Comics

25-29 September, XL Art Space

Swedish comic artist Julia Thorell exhibits watercolour works of the island of Suomenlinna and its surroundings in XL Art Space. Often inspired by nature, the works relate to Thorell’s upcoming third graphic novel, and will appear in the book as backgrounds. Thorell has been preparing the paintings throughout the year, and the exhibition will present watercolours from Suomenlinna and extracts of Thorell’s comics.

The themes of Thorell’s works focus on young women of today, modern relationships, sexuality and coming of age. Thorell’s first graphic novel Juni was a coming of age story inspired by experiences of a hippie commune Thorell visited as a child. The second novel, Fri Kärlek concentrated on love and was inspired by Stockholm. The third, yet-untitled installation will be about family, and its milieu, inspired by forests around Sweden and the Suomenlinna landscape.

Julia Thorell (b. 1984) is a Swedish comic artist and an illustrator who has graduated from Stockholm’s University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Her debut graphic novel Juni was nominated as the best Swedish comic book in 2012. Thorell’s illustrations have been published in magazines such as Dagens Nyheter and Rocky och Arbetaren. In addition to working as an illustrator Thorell hosts workshops. She has had her work exhibited in Sweden’s National Gallery and Grafikens Hus. At the moment Thorell lives in Stockholm and works on her third graphic novel.

Julia Thorell’s residency in Helsinki is organised in the context of CUNE Comics-in-Residence Programme, organised by the Finnish Comics Society in collaboration with HIAP.