13 Dec 2018


Death of a Mäyräkoira

Death of a Mäyräkoira is the current research project by traveling artist Gabi Schaffner (b. 1965, Offenbach/Main). The exhibition at HIAP Project room comprises a projection of recent photographs plus field recordings having been collected during her three months residency in Finland so far. Her interest lies in the transfer of images and sounds interconnecting different cultures. Improvisation and collaboration form a vital part of her artistic point of view. Hence Death of a Mäyräkoira includes the newest piece by Hamburg artist Martti Mauri, based on Schaffners recordings of a recent motor ralley/biker meeting in Helsinki (2009) which has been mixed into a dance track. There will be also a singing performance by Helsinki artist Teemu Tuonela titled “The house of the mating flies” (live at 5.30 pm!). Schaffner works with themes that illustrate mental states, unconventional ideas and every-day magic realism. Her fascinating approach creates an interest in how things are (re)presented, how the ever-shifting images and concepts of the world around us are communicated and what cultural parameters might evolve thereof. As a traveling artist and storyteller her main media are photography, text (written and spoken) and audio (field recordings). Since 2002 Schaffner has been forming strong links to Finnish culture. During 2007 she held an audio art course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and in 2006 travelled to more remote parts of Finland in search of self-designed architectures and personalities. 2002 she published Finnish Snow-walks and Dances as vinyl-and-vinyl-only record. The madness of the documentarist (2006) reflects on the difficulties that arise during documentary work. Both, record & text are on display in the exhibition as well as her latest micro-video-compilation Trash & Beauty.