12 Dec 2018


Crime of Passion

Crime of Passion is an exhibition about passionate picture breaking, continuous death and birth of life. Pictures and videos are built from pieces. Fantasy landscapes are made out of small fragments of reality.

Heini Aho enjoys in collage-like working destroying the pictures, hidden picture layers and new combinings. Segment is looking for its place in a stormy battlefield and while being smashed into different places, it forms a new picture. Meditative combining refreshes the mind from fixed ideals and makes space for accepting the different truths.

During march – april 2008 she worked in the residency of HIAP in high mountains of Pyrenees.Human is made to have roots and routines. Still every root grows more far from ability of accepting the change. To survey in the mountains one can’t miss being elsewhere. In the confusing moments of disappearing Heini Aho experienced relief from the fear of death.

Passionate life gets easily mixed with emotions like jealousy, envy and want to posses. Questions about self-image transforms into the mountain size topics such as giving up and accept.

“Nature breathes, burns, blossoms and dies. Why to fantasize against it, get puzzled into the recycle of life. I recall never feeling such a love, than in the moment of realizing once loosing it all.”