7 Dec 2018


Artist Papers

Artist Papers presents three special projects developing publications as a specific form of artistic practice and nurturing collaboration between visual arts and creative writing.

Artist Marina Ciglar will present TekstiKonst – TextTaide, an ogoing project of artists and poets working between text and image. The project has initiated various collaborations by the participants, coming mainly from the Swedish, Finnish-Swedish and Finnish artists’ communities in Sweden and Finland. To this day TekstiKonst – TextTaide has included, among other things, a group exhibition by Jörgen Gassilewski, Anna Hallberg and Cia Rinne in Galleria Huuto, Helsinki; nonstop readings by 30 poets/artists on stage at the Dubrovnik Lounge, Helsinki; an exhibition of Mail Art and Visual Poetry, including works by nine American artists, curated by composer Jukka-Pekka Kervinen; presentations of Finnish contemporary poetry and art at Ugglan and Cafe Edenborg in Stockholm in connection with the publication of “suOmEI”, a special issue on Finnish art and poetry of the Swedish poetry magazine OEI; and so forth. The project will continue in 2007 by an exhibition in Galleria Huuto including Swedish artist Pia Sandströn and her projects involving artist books.

TekstiKonst – TextTaide has been developed by Marina Ciglar from Galleria Huuto, Miia Toivio from the Finnish poetry magazine Tuli&Savu, Jonas Magnusson and Fredrik Herzberg from OEI and by poet and writer Leevi Lehto.

Artist Marcia Vaitsman will present *fusion, experimental, independent magazine started by Martina Höfflin, Pascal Glissmann and Marcia Vaitsman in 2005. The issues all have individual subjects and are finalized on a irregular schedule. *fusion has the fixed measures (14 cm x 19 cm), but keeps as variables for each issue the depth, used languages, collaborators, colors, paper type, binding, visual language and techniques etc. The first 3 issues were sponsored by KHM, Academy of Media Arts from Cologne; and the 4th issue has been sponsored by KHM in collaboration with HIAP in Helsinki.

For further information please contact marcia@khm.de or visit http://www.khm.de/mg/seminare/fusion/

Curator Veronica Wiman will present Action Paper, an activist and artistic printed matter initiated by her as a curatorial and published project. In collaboration with other practitioners internationally, its purpose is to serve as a reflective forum and platform for actions in Public Space. Action Paper engages in practice concerning socially driven artistic practice and interest in public space. Its mission is to push boundaries for actions in the public realm as well as to challenge the norm for forums of discursive activity.