12 Dec 2018


Art & Text / Art & Practice

Art and text / Art and practice

In August-September 2008 HIAP organises a workshop, focused on the connections between art and language. The workshop is targeted for visual artists.

The workshop will be given by Karlotta Blöndal, visual artist, editor and founder of the Icelandic visual art magazine Sjonauki. The participants have been selected by HIAP Jury amongst applications received via open call. The participants are: Noomi Ljungdell, Lilli-Krööt Repnau, Tuomo Rosenlund, Therese Sunngren, Mark Ward, Månica Zander and Susan Corke. The guest lecturers include, among others, visual artists Teemu Mäki and Lena Seraphin.

The workshop will reflect on various forms of art practice and the artist’s position within the different structures as well as on the artist as an inter-disciplinary professional.

The workshop will discuss various forms of inter-disciplinary art practice that deals with the artist as a curator, writer, maker of books, editor, critic and as a critical voice in society.

The workshop will elaborate on how one deals with working in different fields simultaneously. How does one deal with the different hierarchies of these different positions? What is the role of text and language in art? How does one read art in relation to reading text? What is it to read art, what is it to read text?

The participants of the workshop will discuss these issues and find an angle through discourse, research and sharing of knowledge.

The aim of the workshop is to produce a publication through the process of collaborating, thinking, un-thinking, experimenting, playing and doing. The printed matter can take the form of a book, a magazine, a fanzine or what ever printed form. The workshop aims to work closely together with a graphic designer throughout the workshop.

The participants will meet up in two sessions in Helsinki, at the HIAP Project Room located at the Cable Factory.

The first session will take place 11.-15.8. It will consist of planning/introduction of the project, gathering of information, discussions and excursions.

The second session will take place 1.-5.9. and will focus on production. At the end each participant will have contributed to a publication that will be issued shortly after.

The workshop and production of the publication has been kindly supported by Kordelin Foundation and Frame – Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.