12 Dec 2018


Art Contact September 2008

Art Contact is a meeting point for experimental live arts – dance, music and performance art. Since 2004 Art Contact has hosted performances in Helsinki by dozens of local and international emerging and established artists.

Hosted by: Willem Wilhelmus
Art Contact Team: Tomasz Szrama, Leena Kela, Päivi Maunu, Ilona Räihä
entrance: 3 eur

Suvadeep Das, India
Suvadeep Das is a sculptor and performance artist from India. Born in 1974, he has been exhibiting regularly since 1993, performing since 2003 and has also run many workshops in India, Estonia and Finland, where he is currently based.

Inspired by artists such as Joseph Beuys, Das uses a lot of Shamanic elements in his performances. His work is further informed by comparative studies of tribal ritual art of varied regions. He is currently working with sounds almost resembling the joiku sounds of the Samis. Visual symbols presented during the performances also play an important part.

Mirja Tukiainen
Mirja Tukiainen is a dance artist and performer who combines movement with speech and visual arts. She has extensive experience in working in different sites. This will be her first performance after a knee operation. Maybe she will need a chair…

3V – Strikes like three volts!
3V has been seen alone or with Larry Button and his robotic animals in some clubs and Finnish performance events during past few years. Still 3V is more at home when busking on drunken streets with cheap second hand electronics. Some tapes have also been made and sold to people passing by. To be expected: random wandering around a creaking drone-disco with toys, little keyboards, trash electronics and tapes.


Boris Nieslony, Germany
Boris Nieslony (b.1945) is recognized as one of the most prolific and significant contributors to performance art. Since the 1970s Nieslony has worked extensively as a performance artist, curator, archivist and independent scholar. He has participated in and staged various inter-disciplinary projects and interventions worldwide as well as being a founder of performance art groups and networks, including Black Market International and ASA. In 2000 he established the E.P.I. Zentrum (International Performance Institute), an organisation dedicated to advancing the practice of performance art and its theoretical research.

Nieslony has dedicated his life’s work to developing greater understanding of the philosophical, ethical, social, historical, revolutionary and insurrectionary implications of performance art, and to disseminating these findings as broadly as possible. (Peter Farkas)