12 Dec 2018


Art Contact May 2008

Kim Baek-Ki, Jung Ki Bok, Rolls Rolf Langhans, Marta Ziólek, Marcelo Faundez, Guido Casanova Solar, Jill McDermid, Steve Vanoni, Rachel Hoffman, Travis McCoy Fuller

hosted by: Willem Wilhelmus
Art Contact Team: Tomasz Szrama, Leena Kela, Päivi Maunu, Ilona Räihä

entrance: 3 eur

Marta Ziólek:
“I’d like my performance to rise the question of potential feminization of the football game seen as a priviledged manly ritual in european culture. Can a woman (and if so, how) reinterpretate through her corporality and her sensuality the psychoanalitical myth of a ball hitting the crossbar or tearing the net apart?”

Marta Ziólek is a dancer and performer, born in 1986 in Warsaw ,Poland. Since 2003 she has been working as an actress and performer in several groups and theatres like Artistic Association Makata, Wegajty Theatre and Remus Theatre. She was also collaborating with Grotowski Institute and Academy for Theatre Practises in Gardzienice. Last year she spend on Dance program in Tanz Fabrik in Berlin and on Guest Programme in School for New Dance Development, taking part in different dance and performance projects in Berlin.

Marcelo Faúndez (macherano), Chile:
“During my recent work I have developed action performance and painting graphics, which have dealt with social issues such as social housing and political problems, starting with the materials themselves of architecture and construction workers as a whole communication with the body as a source of visual communication.”

Marcelo Faúndez is a visual artist, graduated from the University of Chili (2007).

Jill McDermio
“My performances are reflections of my life in that moment, be it simple or complicated. I have been making performance art for 10 years, and run a gallery for performance art, the Grace Exhibition Space, in Brooklyn, New York City (www.gracespace.multiply.com)”

Travis McCoy Fuller
Travis McCoy Fuller is a visual, sonic, and action artist currently living and practicing in Rome, Italy. He is one of the co-founders of TEST, a quarterly performance art event held in Boston, USA, and is a member of the Los Angels-based artist group Obscurities. He is interested in exposing the bodies of power that control all aspects of life, from everyday actions to dreams for the future, from practical experience to perceptions of reality.

Rachel Hoffman
Rachel Hoffman´s work encompasses performance art, installation, video, painting, sculpture, costuming, and adornment of the body. She has performed, among other sites at, PS1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City, New York, the Museo de Arte Moderno in Santo Domingo, the National Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela, and the Escuela National de Artes Plasticas in Xochimilco, Mexico. She has performed and exhibited her work in galleries, museums, universities and underground sites in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and South and Central America.

Steve Vanoni
“One of my primary concerns in creating performance art is to involve the audience members within the creative process. I like to bring them into the performance ‘art’ context by using the performance as a vehicle to deliver them to the ‘pedestal’ and leave us there. A fountain of possibilities?… “

Rolls Rolf Langhans
Concept for the performance series 4 PEACE from Rolls Rolf Langhans are his “neuro performances”. These are performance works that are developed in what he calls the “open workspace”. The “neuro performances” are presentation/as an intervention in which the performance art itself is receiving, welcoming and encountering through the performance artist, moved in time or comes to a standstill. Into which the person coincidentally/accidentally falls into and takes part, is able to become the recipient. Acting images that developed through body, space, installations and/or found objects & gifts that the artist removes from his “open workspace bag”. Inner and outer forms of encounter in the here and now. A concrete ideal position – designating, tracing, simultaneously creating inner connectedness. Reflection on the entity there; the other: perceivable, from the very beginning, incorporated invisible space. The “neuro performances“ is a misery through the reflection of time in space.

Art Contact team is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation.