12 Dec 2018


Art Contact March 2009

Hosted by: Willem Wilhelmus

Art Contact Team: Tomasz Szrama, Leena Kela, Päivi Maunu, Ilona Räihä

Entrance: 5 eur

Art Contact is a meeting point for experimental live arts – dance, music and performance art. Since 2004 Art Contact has hosted performances in Helsinki by dozens of local and international emerging and established artists.

Sini Haapalinna
Telescopopspectacle; Live Cinematic Trans Flux


Telescopopspectacle is a hybrid production, a meeting point between the fluxus- and performance tradition, live cinema (avant-garde film and vj-culture), electric sound and a gentle air of camp. Above all, the work is a zone of plurally self-defining improvisatory acts happening in the moment.

Sini Haapalinna’s (b.1975, Helsinki) practice is project-based combining movement, dance, performance and lens-based media.. She has collaborated with artists from different fields and backgrounds, and with experimental art collectives (Voukkoset, Proimpro, 3rd Side Specific).

Igor Baskin
Multidisciplinary artist and curator Igor Baskin is known for his conceptual projects, videos, actions and performances. He is a member of the Russian National Union of Artists and the Free Culture foundation, author of The Program of Personification, and founder of St-Petersburg´s Transconceptualism.

Jouni Partanen
The performances of Jouni Partanen are highly visual, at times terrifying, at times very tender. Dealing with themes such as isolation, claustrophobia, and the alienation of our identity in society, Partanen never leaves the viewer untouched. 
He divides his time between performance, visual art and the organisation of performance events (including the Poor Artists in Residence club and festival).

Janick Sutisna
Rhythm of Unity; Performance of combination of Balinese mask and music with contemporary performance art

The performance deals with themes of “gender equality, dignity and justice for all”. The audience will be invited to take part in the performance. The performance will be accompanied by live music played by young musician Satria Sutisna and Tatu Mustonen from the band Hores of Caligula.

Wayan Sutisna (Janick) was born in Bali and is a citizen of Indonesia. He studied at the Finnish Theatre Academy and at the Institute of Art in Jakarta. Sutisna is a painter and a Balinese Performance Dancer and works as a lecturer and practical teacher in Balinese dance and theatre. He is a member of The Wings Multicultural Arts Association, The Dunia Multicultural Theatre Group and ART RAIN (Registered Artists` International Network) Association.