7 Dec 2018


Art Contact March 2008

Hosted by: Willem Wilhelmus

Art Contact Team: Tomasz Szrama, Leena Kela, Päivi Maunu, Ilona Räihä

Entrance: 3 eur

Art Contact is a meeting point for experimental live arts – dance, music and performance art. Since 2004 Art Contact has hosted performances in Helsinki by dozens of local and international emerging and established artists.


Akashapushpa (Liisa Haverila) is a Helsinki based visual and performance artist. She works as a Regional artist of Visual Arts in North Carelia at the moment. Deep dark nights, high hills, lakes and forests in North Carelia are her physical and mental landscapes. Her piece Nostalgia is dealing with contradictions between memory and reality.



Kurt Johannessen makes mainly performances, artists books and installations. He has produced nearly 150 different performances and have had more than 300 public performances in Europe since early eighties. In his performances there is often a poetic and minimalistic presence. He publishes his own artists books. Most of his books have texts, but some are based on his drawings and photos. His texts consists sometimes of just one sentence; poetic, visual and at times humouristic. He has made around 50 books and a lot of them have been translated into english.



Other Spaces is composed of a series of group drama exercises, bodily metamorphoses that are carried out in the presence of an audience. The performers seek their way as a group into other spaces unfamiliar to humans, and then return, enriched by the experience.

Other Spaces started in Helsinki in the spring of 2004 and there is no end in sight. The demonstrations adapt to any given place or conditions and change all the time – old exercises give way to new ones. Project convenes a meeting of Finnish performers who have made their mark within alternative theatre or performance art.

The convenor of the group: Esa Kirkkopelto


Odradek, the strange tiny creature made familiar by Franz Kafka, likes to hide and never dies. Other spaces -group demonstrates how to find an Odradek in yourself and what to do with it. The demonstration will be realized in cooperation with “Lost Bones” saxophone trio.



Piece of Ginger is a collaboration project between Greek-Austrian musician Elena Kakaliagou and Finnish-Swedish dancer Riikka Theresa Innanen.

After collaborating in performances as part of their dance or music groups, Elena and Riikka decided to explore how to work in a duet format: as the only dancer and the only musician. Especially Elena´s French Horn is seldom heard as the only musical instrument, mainly because it´s physically very demanding to play at length, and this limitation became a great source of inspiration to study the themes of Urgency and Necessity (i.e. what do I want to say, if I only have a limited space and time to do it). As Riikka has worked extensively with Body Mind Centring – a form of experimental anatomy- they have worked on physical tasks such as breath both in making music and in dance.


“Red Door” is a commonly used metaphor as the gate to the subconsciousness. Focuses such as Time, Silence and Tranformation, allow Riikka and Elena journey in the unknown rooms of the Mind and manifest it though movement, sound and kinaesthetic resonance. A question remains: who´s subconscious Piece of Ginger explores -their own or a collective…