7 Dec 2018


Art Contact April 2008

Hosted by: Willem Wilhelmus

Art Contact Team: Tomasz Szrama, Leena Kela, Päivi Maunu, Ilona Räihä

entrance: 3 eur

Art Contact is a meeting point for experimental live arts – dance, music and performance art. Since 2004 Art Contact has hosted performances in Helsinki by dozens of local and international emerging and established artists.


Performance – TAAKAT
Väsymatkan tilanteita.
Vapauden valas
Duration n.25 min.


Juha Valkeapää is a performer who makes vocal art, music and theatre. His vocal improvisation performance at Art Contact is called Portraits.



Dancer/performer Pia Lindy has produced various solo pieces and projects and worked in collaboration with artists of different fields in Finland and other countries as well. She has been a member of several committees organising festivals and events in Finland. She has also written articles and taught at several art schools and institutions. In her artistic work she is trying to investigate questions dealing with expectations and values embodied on human choices and actions in art and life. Her focus has been strongly on improvisation and working in different environments and contexts.

One of the multilayered projects initiated by Lindy that deals with dance, embodiment and performativity in every day life – circumstance is called Joku kohta tansii – About to dance.

Raaka- RAW (a 1st version)

To start the process of this solo performance I was thinking of words: hierarchies, dichotomies and violence and their relation to everyday life. What kind of violent habit or behaviour is there in social dialogues on an individual or collective level? How does knowledge, the spoken and the unspoken, grow into collective silence? When is silence violence? How does the knowledge of the body grow silent, does it happen?


Jaques van Poppel started his career as a performer in music. He was playing electric violin in different (mainly experimental) music groups such as “Electric Paranoid Era”, “Lazarus” and “Blue Sound”. In 1974 “Blue Sound” was winner of “Jazz Bilzen”.

Since 1981 Jaques van Poppel is knowledgeable through his years of performing at various performance events and via his encounters with various artists of different backgrounds. In his performances, van Poppel creates a radical narrative based on working with ordinary objects and related to his “street-wise”, personal life and individuality. He would use these objects in an original way and create a collage of imaginative interpretation and actions, which reclaims the infinite possibility of performance art.

Jaques van Poppel comes across as a natural performance artist. His confidence with people reflects a genuine humanity filled with openness, compassion and radical creativity.

Van Poppel often collaborates with other artists and is a member of Black Market International since 1986. With German artist Boris Nieslony he forms “Traum-Duo in der Auszeit”. Also Dutch trombone-player Wolter Wierbos is a regular partner in his performances.

Occasionally he is working as aguest-teacher in art schools and universities, doing workshops with young art-students.