19 Dec 2018


Antidote 6: Taking Time

8-22 April, HIAP Gallery Augusta

Taking time is a collective art project with the concept of time as its focus. It is directed by Teemu Mäki and Nora Sternfeld, and has participants from the Fine Arts and CuMMA programmes at Aalto University. In addition we are inviting guest speakers, artists and educators to participate in the process.

Together we want to explore how time is used, governed and battled about, in consumer capitalist society. We are spending two weeks together at Gallery Augusta – taking time in an empty space. The results of the time spent in the gallery are presented publicly by the end of the two weeks.

Antidote is a series of exhibitions and events of critical art, curated by Teemu Mäki and others. Previous Antidotes have been arranged in Helsinki, Berlin and St. Petersburg.

The project is a collaboration between HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and CUMMA (Curating, Managing, and Mediating Art Master’s Programme at the Aalto University).



Opening lecture “Art and Activism” by Petja Dimitrova, 2 pm


Workshop with Franco “Bifo” Berardi and Akseli Virtanen


Finissage and lecture by Roy Brandt, 2 pm

Serving late lunch everyday, 3 pm. 3€/pp