17 Dec 2018


Anna Estarriola: The Living in Three Acts

4-25 May, Cable Gallery

Anna Estarriola’s (b. 1980) exhibition The Living in Three Acts introduces five characters, who each perform their own mini solo. One with multiple troubles, one perplexed by his own image, and one permanently illuminated. One with glittering aspirations, and one with the power to spin endlessly.

Then, in the three simultaneous acts of a mini performance set on three stage-like tables, the five characters all appear, interact and finally fade away.

Anna Estarriola holds Master of Fine Arts degrees from both the University of Barcelona (2004) and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2009). She has also studied contemporary dance. She is interested in intuitively envisaged exchanges and interactions between the visual and media arts and other art forms, especially dance.

The themes of her work often revolve around perception of reality, emotions, individual and communal behaviour, and communication. She is fascinated and disturbed by human beings, and mesmerized and puzzled by moving images, moving bodies and moving objects. She has lived and worked in Helsinki since 2004. Her works, both installations and stage performances, have been shown in Finland and abroad.

The exhibition has been kindly supported by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Finnish Art Society, and The Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture AVEK.

Artist: Anna Estarriola
Mechanics: Arttu Polojarvi
Electronics: Gregoire Rousseau
Video performers: Anna Estarriola, Otto Korkalo, Harri Kuorelahti, Jukka Tarvainen, Inari Virmakoski