4 Dec 2018


Acousmatica XVII

15 May, Gallery Augusta

The University of the Arts Helsinki & HIAP are currently being visited by French sound artist Rodolphe Alexis. During his visit, Alexis has taught a workshop in Field Recording on Suomenlinna island. The workshop is a part of SAMA, a minor studies branch developed at the University of the Arts Helsinki offering interdisciplinary studies in Sound Art & Sonic Arts. A concert with Rodolphe Alexis and students from the workshop will be held at HIAP’s gallery Augusta on Suomenlinna Island on Friday 15 May at 6 PM. During this concert, acousmatic compositions using recordings from Suomenlinna will be performed.

In addition to Rodolphe Alexis’ own compositions, students from the University of the Arts Helsinki will be performing acousmatic compositions based on their recordings from Suomenlinna.

Performers: Rodolphe Alexis, Eero Pulkkinen (TeaK), Minna Kallinen (KuvA), Davis Ozolins (SibA), Kristian Jalava (KuvA), Jani Purhonen (KuvA)

About the artist:

Rodolphe Alexis is a founding partner of sound art organization Double Entendre and one half of the duo OttoannA. He works with field recordings, electroacoustic composition, radio pieces and site-specific installations, and has a particular interest in bioacoustics and phonography. His work has been published on labels including Impulsive Habitat, Herbal International, Touch Radio and Gruenrekorder, and he currently works as a sound recordist and sound designer for motion design productions and TV documentaries.