Long-Distance Residency Project

The Long-Distance (Earth-Bound) Residency Project is a mobile residency rooted in long distance ecological travel.  It takes place during July 2023, each resident will travel via land and water from their place of residence to meet with the residency group in Copenhagen, Denmark from which they will travel first by train and then by ferry to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

The residency group consists of artists and researchers who are active in ecological and environmental mandates – during the residency they will put this into practice as well as work together to activate thinking and initiate a shared discussion of the possibilities of the future of travel, including the different modes of travel and the underlying related reasons and ideologies. 

The ongoing climate change with the accelerated reality of ecological destruction demands our attention, and HIAP and the group members feel that they both need and want to address the situation with not only discourse but also with concrete change by moving forward and actualizing other ways of travel – slow and ecological.  

The Long Distance Residency affiliated artists and researchers are collaborating with LungA art festival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.  They will participate by presenting the project as well as with talks, exhibitions and performances.

This project is coordinated by HIAP’s Connecting Points programme and supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

* * * * *

13 June 2023: Aspirations Are There – Long Distance Residency Project

8 August 2023: Routes and Carbon Emissions – Long Distance Residency Project

* * * * *

Residency Participants:

Bea Xu

Dana Neilson (Project Coordinator and Producer)

Nastja Säde Rönkkö

Niamh Schmidtke

Radek Przedpełski

Inari Virkkala (Copenhagen)

Miina Hujala (Project Initiator / Curator)

Arttu Merimaa (Project Initiator / Curator)