Indisciplinary Symphony

Learning (from) the Present

The Indisciplinary Symphony course and public event have been prepared by Ivana Momčilović during her residencies at HIAP during years 2017 and 2018. Ivana is one of the key figures behind the Ph.D. in One Night collective which explores how learning can happen through art, what would be aesthetic education for all and is there still any emancipatory role left for the artist in the (capitalist) society. The collective collaborates with philosopher Jacques Rancière and has been inspired by his writings on the concept of indisciplinarity.

The public event on Saturday 1st of June will inaugurate the film “Poems from which we learned” which strives to summarize the various activities of collective over the past 10 years. The film is based on documentation material of the collective’s experiments that has been gathered via various haphazard and improvised arrangements, as well as materials from the history of film – therefore the whole material has, in its treatments and its use, the appearance of found footage.

The artists as educators, members of the Indisciplinary Symphony working group are Jacques Ranciére (philosopher, writer, gardener, educator), Marta Coronado (dancer, choreographer, movement researcher, educator), Ivana Momčilović (dramaturge, text researcher, poet, translator, editor, educator), Dejana Sekulić (violinist, sound explorer, performer, educator), Sergio Castrillón (sound researcher, cellist, composer, educator), Baran Caginli (visual artist, educator), Panos Balomenos (visual artist, costume designer, theatre/opera director, educator) and Gregoire Rousseau (visual artist, electronic engineer, educator).

Research on indisciplinarity by collective Ph.D In One Night  is a work in progress. In its self-managed and self-financed phases, it consisted on work with the pupils on remote island in post-Yugoslavia (Vis), work with pupils in primary schools in Brussels, and with students in Sport High School (Mäkelänrinne) in Helsinki, as well as on aesthetic education with migrants (Belgium and Belgrade). Ph.D. in One Night has collaborated with Free University of Brussels (ULB) on the invitation of Political Science Department, with the participation of 1 200 students.

The public event on Saturday 1 June at Oodi library will present the results of the course which is organized as a collaboration between the three University of Art Helsinki schools (Academy of Fine Arts, Theatre Academy and Sibelius (Music) Academy) and HIAP, in the last week of May. The participants of the course are invited to displace academic separations of genres, disciplines, and expertise to work with different aspects of knowledge, the methodological and magical. The course is an invitation for further reflections and actions on the topics of equality, emancipation, singular and common, objective and subjective, theory and practice, mobility in/and the immobility, placement, and displacement, “aesthetic revolution” “poetics of knowledge”, aesthetic materialism.

The event on 1st of June from 14:00 to 18:00 in Oodi has free entrance and is open for the general public.


13:00 – 14:00

Indisciplinary Symphony: A Presentation of Student’s works & Marta Coronado, Sergio Castrillon, Dejana Sekulic, Panos Balomenos, Baran Caginli, Gregoire Rousseau, Ivana Momčilović, Jacques Rancière.

14:00 – 17:30

Indsciplinary Symphony: “POEMS FROM WHICH WE LEARNED” Film Screening + Public Debate with Jacques Ranciére, Leonardo Kovačević, Ivana Momčilović.
Leonardo Kovačević will join the public conversation. He is a Post-Yugoslav philosopher, working on the poetics of Jacques Ranciere for many years.


“Movement research for One book- Modern Times”, book by Jacques Ranciere edited by Edicija Jugoslavija samizdat and Multimedia Institute Mama- Zagreb- by Ph.D. In One Night collective, Brussels, 2017

Photos: Beniamin Boar