12 Jan 2017


Juha Huuskonen

Call for Interns

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme is looking for interns for the year 2017.

The interns at HIAP support the residency guests (artists/curators) during their stay and assist in various other core tasks of the organisation: organising events, setting up exhibitions, documenting and communicating the residency activities, etc.

An internship at HIAP is an opportunity to encounter a broad range of artists and curators from around the world, and to get an inside view of the operations of an international arts organisation.

The minimum internship time is 1 month, but the preference is 2–3 months (or longer).

Previously, most of HIAP interns have been students, who have received financial support for their internship from their school/university. Some internships have also been arranged as a ‘työkokeilu’ via TE-toimisto. Without such arrangements, HIAP unfortunately cannot offer a salary for the internship period.

All applications should be submitted by using the online application form: http://bit.ly/2j0xkYM

The application deadline is Sunday 29th of January 2017, 20:00 CET.

Photo: Polyphonic discussion with Jacques Ranciere, HIAP Gallery Augusta, June 2016