Dear HIAP resident,

On this page you can find all the essential practical information regarding your residency at HIAP.

Our team’s support and residency activities within the HIAP community during the summer 2020 will take place online.

*Please note that the HIAP team members will be on holiday throughout July.

*For the latest updates regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 in Finland please visit the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website here.

*For the latest updates regarding public transport in and around Helsinki in the times of Corona please check here.

HIAP Suomenlinna Arrival & Practical Information
HIAP Suomenlinna House Rules
HIAP Suomenlinna Studios Emergency & Rescue Plan
HIAP Gallery Augusta & Project Space Emergency & Rescue Plan

HIAP Cable Factory Arrival & Practical Information
HIAP Cable Factory House Rules
Cable Factory Tenant Guide 2020 (available only in Finnish)

Ecological Travel Tips
*Information on low carbon travel to Helsinki
At HIAP with Family
*Information for HIAP residents with children

If you have any questions of practical nature that relate to your project, to everyday life in Helsinki or to the premises, please call to +358 45 695 9357 during our office hours Mondays–Thursdays, and the person in charge on the day will help you further.

For Suomenlinna residents: If you have an urgent problem with the building (heating, water, electricity, key issue) and are not able to reach HIAP Staff, please call the on-duty service representative of Suomenlinna at +358 (0)295 338 400. For lock-outs, check the fees that apply on the info sheet on your studio/guest room door.

Updated Suomenlinna studio/guest room info sheet here!

For Cable Factory residents: If you lock yourself out of your studio and cannot reach any HIAP team member, go to the HIAP Cable Factory office and report the problem. The Cable Factory Maintenance team should be present during weekdays from 7:30 until 17:00 and can come to open up. If the office is closed, call the AVARN Security Guards +358 (0)10 620 2000. Mention your address (Tallberginkatu 1C), floor (4th) and number of your studio (Studio 1, 2 or 3). This service number is recommended for emergency issues only. In case of a lock-out, AVARN charges you about 150€ in the weekends and in the night hours, and about 70€ during weekdays and evening hours.

For urgent problems with the building (heating, electricity, water etc), if you are not able to reach the HIAP team, call a representative of the Cable Factory Maintenance team: Ville Kurki +358 (0)40 582 5365 or Jukka Åman +358 (0)40 568 0663.
If they don’t reply, try to reach Touko Kauppila +358 (0)9 4763 8330,

Updated Cable Factory studio info sheet here!

In Finland there is only one emergency number in use: 112.

If the internet connection stops working, turn off the router by pressing the ON/OFF button (usually located on the side of the device), unplug it, plug it back and turn it on again. The operator advises to reboot the routers once a month.

If this doesn’t work, try pressing the RESET button (usually located on the side of the device).

The routers in the Suomenlinna studio building are located:
Small black mokkula-device in the hallway outside the HIAP Workspace (above the laundry room) –> Network name: mokkula_2
Studio Augustin –>
Network name: Augustin-2G AND Augustin-5G
Studio Elias –> Network name: Suomenlinna Elias-2G AND Suomenlinna Elias-5G
Guest room Signe –> Network name: Suomenlinna Guestrooms-2G AND Suomenlinna Guestrooms-5G
In Cable Factory each studio has its own router located inside the room.

Contact details list

Regular informal online get-together (internal, for residents and staff) that takes place every Thursday. New residents have the opportunity to briefly introduce their work followed by informal discussion during the Afternoon Coffees (one presentation per week, max. 15–20 min). Participation is optional.

Date: Every Thursday 1:30 – 3:30 pm
(unless otherwise noted, please check the HIAP calendar here)
Place: online
Platform: Google Meet

Note: The HIAP team will be on vacation in July. The residents are welcome to keep contact and hold the weekly get-togethers, also during the period of the team’s absence, if they wish so.

HIAP Supporting Curators – Meeting Schedule
The summer residency period is 3/4 June – 26 August, 2020. The Summer Programme offers time and space for open-ended research and experimentation, without the requirement to produce finalised pieces of work. As part of the programme, all residents will have the opportunity to be in dialogue with HIAP Supporting Curators, Ali Akbar Mehta and Marianne Savallampi, currently Artistic Directors at the Museum of Impossible Forms. There will be three one-on-one meetings, between the residents and the supporting curators, during the residency period. The meetings will take place online, unless the residents and curators agree otherwise.

HIAP supporting curators’ contact details:

  • 1st Session: 30 June–2 July
    (30.6. and 2.7. available dates for on site studio visits, 1.7. date for online meetings)
  • 2nd Session: 28 July – 30 July
    (28.7. and 30.7. available dates for on site studio visits, 29.7. date for online meetings)
  • 3rd Session: August dates TBA

**See latest updates at**
Concluding Discussion(s) of the HIAP Summer Residency Season
The Summer Programme will conclude with a public online discussion/discussions featuring the curators and the residents who wish to take part in these. HIAP will also arrange a photographer to document the works-in-progress towards the end of the residency season. The residents are encouraged to put further material about their work-in-progress online. HIAP will share the photographs and materials via its own communication channels (website, social media, newsletter) towards the end of the residency. The residents are welcome to also open their studios for visits by appointment, if they wish so.

Date: Tue, 18 August OR Wed, 19 August
Place: online
Platform: TBA

  • Confirm your participation in the Concluding Discussion(s) of the HIAP Summer Residency Season by Thursday, 30 July by writing to the supporting curators!
  • Group feedback session: Thursday, 20 August (online via Google Meet) >new date TBA (the session will take place most likely in September)


Includes all HIAP important dates and suggestions for events in Helsinki. We recommend you add this calendar to your own calendars and check it on a regular basis, because we update it constantly with new suggestions! Click here to add the calendar to your own set of calendars. We recommend you add it from your laptop first, as this option does not always show on mobile devices.

Note: The calendar will not be updated during July.

You can reach *all* current residents *and* the HIAP staff at the same time by mailing to the address
Feel free to use this group mailing address for all kinds of issues that concern the residents & the staff!

We hope you will have an enjoyable and inspiring stay!


Please find a select list of digital resources for practice, entertainment, education and killing time. Feel free to add to the list!


Please find the (work in progress) link to ‘Distance Art’ for an expanding list of resources, examples and tools. The document is intended to be a community based contributive work for all residents’ benefit. Feel free to add to the list!




If you have any equipment requests, please contact Paul Flanders (


Optoma HD 142X Projector x 2
Optoma HD EH615 DLP Projector
Epson HD EH-TW3200 Projector
Hitashi SD CP-RX61 Projector
Hitashi SD CP-RX70X6A Projector
Micca Speck G2 Media Players x 5
Raspberry Pi
Macbook mini x 3
DVD player x 3
Canon MV900 mini DV camcorder
Acer 24” HD monitor x 3


Genelec Speakers: (8020B x 4, 8030A x 2, 8050A x 2)
UE BOOM2 bluetooth speaker
Shure SM58 microphone
AKG microphone x 2
Microphone stands x 2
Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixer
Zoom H2n portable WAV/MP3 recorder + accessories pack


Canon EOS 650D
Manfrotto tripod x 2
Overhead projector x 3

General tools

Singer Sewing machine
Makita Battery operated drill
Makita impact drill
Makita jigsaw
Basic hand tools (hammer, saw, pliers, screwdriver, etc.)

Construction supplies (varies)