Gulled Simba

Gulled Simba aka SIMBA is a Somali pop musician who has been based in Finland since 2014. Simba was born in 1995 in the Somali city Kismaayo, where he nurtured a passion for music from a young age. Impressively, he only started as a professional musician in 2018 and already has a following in the millions for every new release on YouTube. Simba uses his music and voice to empower fellow young newcomers to Europe who identify with him and his situation. He is an inspirational force for immigrant communities in Finland and around the world.

Gulled Simba is an IA-Resident of Perpetuum Mobile’s “Immigré Artists (IA) & Artists at Risk (AR)” network. This residency is co-organized by PM with Bado ry and the Finnish Musician’s Union/Music Council; co-hosted at HIAP-Helsinki International Artist Programme on the island of Suomenlinna.; co-funded by Nordic Culture Point and the City of Helsinki-funded Artists at Risk (AR) Safe Haven Helsinki.

During his IA-residency Simba will be working on a new album featuring his hit song Janna Dunia. He has been busy since beginning his IA-residency and has already released the second song, Somali Miya, the second song on the album. The full album is set to be released later this year.