Erol Mintaş

Erol Mintaş is a filmmaker based in Istanbul, Turkey. Born in Kars in northeastern Turkey in 1983, he first completed his undergraduate studies in computer and teaching technologies, before switching to graduate studies in cinema at Marmara University in Istanbul. His final thesis was on the cinematic art of Tarkovsky.

Erol is currently a MOBILE Resident in Helsinki. This programme is curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and co-organised by PM with HIAP – The Helsinki International Artist Programme, Finland.

I came here to work on my second feature film project ‘CROWS’, about a relationship between a Kurdish villager (Adem) and a Muslim hermit who left his followers in Istanbul and settled in a remote place near Adem’s village in a Kurdish city in Turkey.

Being in Suomenlinna, is really helping me to focus on my characters’ spiritual journey and writing my new draft of CROWS. This residency gives me the private space to think and create. Thanks to Perpetuum Mobile and HIAP for having me here! — Erol Mintaş