HIAP Talks: Public Matters

Has public debate been hijacked by populism? Is public reduced to publicity? Is public space now actually private property governed by commercial interests? Who are the public that can occupy this space? Whose is the public good or public interest today? Who is the public addressed in the age of target groups? What is the value of public access to knowledge and education?

HIAP Talks is an ongoing series of debates and dialogues that focuses during 2012–13 on the acute concerns around the changing notion of the public and, in particular, its manifestations in and impact on the field of contemporary art. The invited international speakers bring to the table different critical perspectives and creative approaches, which allow insights into the practices and politics that affect our understanding and inhabitation of the public today.

The monthly talks are organised by HIAP (Helsinki International Artists Programme) in collaboration with Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and other partners. They take place at Kiasma seminar room with a few noted exceptions.

HIAP talks was initiated by curator Marita Muukkonen and has been bringing distinguished artists, curators and other practitioners in the field of contemporary art into dialogue with the Nordic and Baltic context since 2010.


Previous HIAP Talks:

HIAP Talks: The War of Art, May 2, 2013, Kiasma Seminar Room

HIAP Talks: Angela Washko, March 21, 2013, Kiasma Seminar Room

HIAP Talks: Dan Perjovschi, February 7, 2013, Kiasma Theatre

HIAP Talks: Li Zhenhua & Dong Bingfeng, January 21, 2013, Kiasma Seminar Room

HIAP Talks: Anna Bitkina in discussion with Olga Zhitlina, November 21, 2012, Cable Gallery

HIAP Talks: Katerina Gregos, October 15, 2012, Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna

HIAP Talks: Art as Social Design?, September 13, 2012, Kiasma Seminar room

Information about the previous HIAP Talks can be found through the Events & Exhibitions section in the sidebar.