Finland-Asia Exchange Programme

The Finland-Asia Exchange programme focuses on collaboration between contemporary art organisations and professionals in Finland and Asia. The programme is realised in collaboration with AV-arkki - the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, Frame Contemporary Art Finland and is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The residency exchanges are realised in collaboration with the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The programme will consist of residencies and collaborations with various exhibitions, festivals and biennales in Finland, Japan and Korea.

SeMA NANJI & Tokyo Wonder Site residency exchange

The application time for residencies for Finnish artists at SeMA Nanji in Seoul and Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo is between 18 August - 16 September 2016. The residencies will take place during year 2017. More information on the Finnish Cultural Foundation site.

The open calls Korean and Japanese artists for residencies at HIAP during year 2017 will be sent out by SeMA NANJI and Tokyo Wonder Site in the autumn 2016.

Contact information

For more information, please contact Residency Programme Manager Stephanie Roiko (

The programme is developed under the guidance of the advisory board, consisting of Hanna Maria Anttila (AV-arkki), Raija Koli (Frame Contemporary Art Finland), Johanna Ruohonen (Finnish Cultural Foundation) and Juha Huuskonen (HIAP).