Sunyoung Kim

Sunyoung Kim

Suomenlinna studios
Visual Arts / Curator | Korea South
Residencies: 10.04.2018 — 14.04.2018

Sunyoung is a curator of The Museum of Photography, Seoul, and is in charge of exhibition and international relations. Recently, Sunyoung has been mainly involved in organizing collaborative exhibitions with international institution, specially with the French as part of commemorative events for the friendship year between France and Korea(2015-2016).

She holds a 'Bachelor of Creative Arts' in the school of Creative Arts, University of Melborune, Australlia, and subsequently in 2010, she got a master degree in Art Theory from Korea National University of Arts with a dissertation on Korean Modern Photography and Visual Culture during the coloial period(1910-1945). Among her projects are the acclaimed touring exhibition, in collaboration with Australian Centre for Photography and series of young Korean photographers' shows along with their attendant publications.

This program will play a vital role in preparation of the Nordic + Korean collaborative show this year. To develop a concrete idea and understand Finnish and Nordic ways of interacting with nature, it is essential to be invovled in the community and experience shared values.
I intend to use this residency program to conduct a study on Finnish contemporary photography in preparation of the museum's upcoming exhibition, whose working title is 'Nature as Playground'. Based on curatorial intention, I'd like to meet with photographers whom we've considered for the show in person, and visit their studios. Sunyoung Kim

Sunyoung Kim's residency is organised in the frame of Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP) in partnership with Frame Contemporary Art Finland.